Frisky Midget Wines

Frisky Midget is the first in a series of quirky, tongue-in-cheek brands to be released by KillinchyWines. The large wrap-around label is a throw-back to Communist Russia. As you turn the bottle, a series of traditional Matryoshka dolls are revealed, with the final doll exposed as the saucy, non-conformist Frisky Midget. This cheeky character is a celebration of individuality and the freedom of self-expression.

The Frisky Midget wine labels have been featured on a number of branding and packaging design websites, including: TheDieline, Packaging of the World, Lovely Package, and Branding Magazine

Printed in four colour process on Fasson Estate 8 premium uncoated paper, with a high-build clear silkscreen varnish. The neck tag is a proprietary design that can be machine-applied on a mobile bottling line.
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